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Old Town Area Traffic Study

Study Overview

This study was initiated in late 2018 due to concerns for needs for intersection improvements in the old town area. 

The study evaluated operations of three intersections along Elk Grove Boulevard under existing conditions and with potential development south of Elk Grove Boulevard. The study also evaluated resident’s concern over cut through traffic impacts on Rancho Drive and School Street with the implementation of a signal at Elk Grove Boulevard and Kent Street.


Study Findings

The study concluded the following:

  • Under the existing condition, Kent Street does not operate well
  • A signal at Kent is not warranted in the existing condition
  • With development to the south, a signal is warranted at Elk Grove Blvd and Kent Street
  • A signal at Elk Grove Blvd and Railroad Street would not be feasible due to proximity to the railroad tracks
  • A signal at Elk Grove Blvd and Kent Street provides the most benefit
  • Cut through traffic on Rancho Drive and School Street would not be increase due to a signal at Elk Grove Blvd and Kent Street

Next Steps

The study will be presented by the Public Works department to the City Council at an upcoming meeting. More information will be posted here when the exact date is determined.

Contact Information

For additional comments, questions or concerns, contact:

Bryan Stone, Project Manager
Phone: (916) 478-3646

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