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Old Town Elk Grove is a historic area within the City, and one of the oldest western settlements in the greater Sacramento region. Thus, Old Town is the cornerstone of modern Elk Grove. Nestled along the Elk Grove Boulevard corridor between Elk Grove-Florin Road and Waterman Road, visitors can find the area populated by a broad array of shops, services, businesses, and restaurants in many buildings that date back to the mid-1800s. In fact, over 40 buildings in Old Town Elk Grove form a Historic District that is listed on the National Park Service’s National Register of Historic Places.

A Special Planning Area (SPA) was created in an effort to protect the historical character and ambiance of Old Town. The SPA defines the type of land uses that can come to Old Town, and establishes site and architectural design standards and guidelines. The Old Town SPA was originally created by Sacramento County in 1985. However, a significant update was completed by the City and formally adopted by the Elk Grove City Council in August 2005. As part of the 2005 update, a requirement to provide a triennial report to the City Council was established that would summarize the development activities within a three year period and identify possible updates to the SPA in response to changing conditions. The first triennial review of the Old Town SPA was completed in June 2010, which new amendments included the addition of vision statements, and revisions to the standards and guidelines for land use, site design, signage, and architectural design. A subsequent triennial review was completed in September 2014, which focused on fine-tuning the SPA through minor revisions. The current SPA may be viewed by clicking on the following link:

Old Town SPA.

Proposed Changes to the Old Town SPA

The proposed revisions to the Old Town SPA are complete and may be viewed by clicking on the link below. All proposed revisions are shown in redline/strikeout format. Please note that additional changes may still occur to the Old Town SPA pending comments received from the public and/or public hearings.

Proposed Old Town SPA Revisions

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