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California Northstate University (CNU) officials announced on December 20, 2018, their plans to build a 250 bed teaching hospital across from their current campus at 9700 West Taron Drive. The “CNU Medical Center” would become part of the regional service network and become Elk Grove’s first hospital.

CNU opened their Elk Grove campus on the city’s west side in 2014 in a space previously occupied by the former AAA call center. In 2015, the college became only the ninth accredited medical school in California and only the fifth university in the State to operate both a pharmacy school and medical school under one roof.The addition of a teaching hospital will support the university’s educational and research endeavors.

About the Project

The City received an application in December 2018 from Fong & Chan Architects requesting approval of various Planning permits (referred to as entitlements) for the California Northstate University (CNU) Medical Center. If approved, the Project would include a 250-bed teaching hospital with a level two trauma center.

The CNU Medical School Project encompasses approximately 25-acres of property currently developed with a mix of commercial and office uses, as well as the existing California Northstate University School of Medicine.

The Applicant proposes the Project to be completed in three (3) phases culminating in a completed new medical center and university campus for the facility. City staff has yet to determine if the phasing is appropriate. The Applicant's proposed phases are as follows:

Phase 1

  • Hospital building. The building would be ten (10) stories in height and be approximately 450,000 square feet in size. The hospital will be designed to meet Level II trauma center standards, including a helistop landing pad. Level II is a formal designation made by the State in Coordination with the County. CNU is designing to such standard, but will eventually need Level II designation from outside agencies.
  • Central Plant. The Central Plant would be 20,000 square feet in size and would house support equipment for the hospital. The facility would also have a 20,000 square foot exterior mechanical yard.

Hospital Rendering
CNU Rendering

Overall Site Plan
Overall Site Plan

Phase 2

  • Parking Structure 1. The parking structure would be approximately 200,000 square feet in size and would contain approximately 480 parking spaces. The parking structure would be five (5) stories in height and would include 40,000 square feet of ground floor retail, medical offices, and other supporting uses.
  • Parking Structure 2. The parking structure would be approximately 250,000 square feet in size and would contain approximately 640 parking spaces. The parking structure would be five (5) stories in height and 50,000 square feet of ground floor retail, medical offices, and other supporting uses.
  • Out-Patient Clinic. This ambulatory care building would be 140,000 square feet in size and three (3) stories in height. This building would contain outpatient medical services.
  • Medical Office Building. This medical office building would be 140,000 square feet in size and three (3) stories in height. This building would contain outpatient medical clinics.

Phase 3

  • Dormitory. A dormitory for CNU Medical School students would be constructed in the southern portion of the site adjacent to the school facilities. The dormitory would be approximately 170,000 square feet and five (5) stories in height.
  • Admin Expansion. An expansion to the existing School of Medicine building would be constructed. The Admin Expansion would be approximately 43,500 square feet and three (3) stories in height.

Project Context

The Project site is identified in the City’s General Plan (the long-range master plan for the City) for a combination of Commercial and Light Industrial development. The northern portion of the Project site is zoned “General Commercial” (GC) while the southern portion is zoned “Industrial-Office” (MP). The proposed uses are conditionally permitted on the site. As such, the City’s review at this stage entails use and operations (Conditional Use Permit for the proposed hospital, helistop, expansion of medical school), as well as architectural and site design (District Development Plan and Major Design Review, including review of the site plan, architecture, landscaping, lighting, amenities, screening). The City is currently updating its General Plan and Zoning Code. The General Plan Update and associated Zoning Code Update are tentatively scheduled for upcoming City Council meetings. Should the General Plan and Zoning Code Updates be approved, the proposed uses would continue to be conditionally permitted on the site and the Project would be reviewed for other necessary entitlements.

Projected Next Steps

Project Status

The Project application was submitted to the City in December 2018. The application is currently under review.

Environmental Review

The City anticipates that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared for the Project. Areas of study for potential impacts include traffic and transportation, noise, water supply, air quality, aesthetics, and light and glare. The EIR will be circulated for public review and comments.


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