Text Revisions

This page provides the draft revisions to the Zoning Code and other portions of the Municipal Code for consistency with the General Plan Update. 

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Summary of the Changes  

The following is a summary of the proposed changes to the Municipal Code.   

Amendments to Title 23 (Zoning) of the Municipal Code

  • Revisions to the permits and approvals that may be provided by the City, including:
    • Revising the Parking Reduction Permit into a Special Parking Permit.The revisions would allow the City to consider on-street parking for businesses in limited conditions.Other provisions to consider reductions in the minimum amount of parking required remain.
    • The creation of a new Clustered Development Permit, which provides a process to promote integrative site design based on the natural features and topography of a development area; to protect environmentally sensitive areas of a development site, such as woodlands, grasslands, wetlands, and stream corridors; and to preserve other natural or cultural features on a development site, such as prime agricultural land, open space, and historic and cultural resources.
    • Revisions to the Specific Plan process and format for consistency with State law and to clarify the process and format for adoption and amendment of specific plans.
  • Establishment of new base zone districts to implement the new land use designations in the General Plan, including allowed uses, entitlements required, and development standards for each zone:
    • Village Center Mixed Use (VCMU)
    • Residential Mixed Use (RMU)
    • Light Industrial/Flex (LI/F)
    • Public Services (PS)
  • Establishment of new overlay districts to retain unique development standards or allow for limited uses consistent with the General Plan Update:
    • East Elk Grove Overlay
    • East Franklin Overlay
    • Calvine Road/Highway 99 Overlay
  • Focused revisions to the Multifamily Overlay District
  • Focused revisions to the allowed use listings for consistency with the General Plan
  • Updates to parking standards for specific uses

Amendments to Section 22.110.040 (Roadway Network Design) of the Municipal Code:

  • Adds an alternative design standard for cul-de-sacs in the Rural Area so that they may be longer than 600 feet, provided turn-arounds for emergency equipment are provided at appropriate locations.

Amendments to Chapter 6.32 (Noise) of the Municipal Code:

  • Addition of several definitions and clarifications to existing definitions
  • Clarification of procedures for sound level measurements
  • Updates to the allowed exterior and interior noise standards for consistency with the General Plan.
  • Minor changes to noise sources related to maintenance of residential properties that are exempted from the regulations in chapter, including pool equipment, heating and air conditioning units, and residential yard maintenance. 

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