As of July 27, 2018, the City released documents in regard to updating the General Plan.  This includes: 

  • The Draft General Plan
  • The Draft General Plan Environmental Impact Report (EIR)
  • Draft update to the City’s Climate Action Plan, and
  • The draft Transportation Analysis Guidelines

Revisions to these documents and the Final EIR were released January 4, 2019.

Click on the headers below to access the these materials.

Draft General Plan (Policy Document)

Draft Revisions to the draft General Plan (as of January 4, 2019) are available hereThis document is presented as an errata table against the July 2018 complete draft provided below.

Below are links to the public draft General Plan policy document.  The document is organized into 12 chapters, which cover the content required by State law.  The structure of the General Plan can best be summarized in the following graphic.

General Plan organizational structure

To aid in the review of the draft General Plan, the City has prepared the following matrices, which compare the policies of the existing General Plan to the draft update.  Two versions are provided - one sorted by Existing policies; and one sorted by Proposed policies.  

Policy Comparison: By EXISTING General Plan | By PROPOSED General Plan

Please note, portions of the General Plan utilize a "spread format" where some graphics span across both the left and right pages when printed double sided.  The PDFs linked below have been optimized to present the document correctly on the web.  Should you choose to print the document, please select your printer's double-sided function (if available).  Hard copies of the draft General Plan are available for review at City Hall and local libraries.

Complete Document


Environmental Impact Report

The California Environmental Quality Act requires the City to prepare an Environmental Impact Report (or EIR) on the General Plan.  The EIR documents the potential environmental impacts of the General Plan and informs the City Council, Planning Commission, and general public of these potential impacts.  Were applicable, mitigation measures may be identified to reduce the potential impact to a less than significant level.  

The public review period for the Draft EIR was from July 27, 2018 to September 26, 2018.

Notice of Availability

Draft EIR Document



​Final EIR Document

Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan identifies how the City will achieve State-recommended targets of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The Climate Action Plan, or CAP, was first adopted in 2013 and is proposed for update concurrently with the General Plan Update.  The proposed draft is available below.

An updated draft (presented in track changes), based upon public comment and direction from the City's Planning Commission is provided below.

Transportation Analysis Guidelines

The Transportation Analysis Guidelines present a clear and consistent technical approach to transportation analysis for projects within Elk Grove’s jurisdiction.  They implement the General Plan policies for mobility and circulation by providing instructions for the preparation of transportation analysis.  Upon adoption, this document will replace the current Traffic Impact Study Guidelines.

An updated draft (presented in track changes), based upon public comment and direction from the City's Planning Commission is provided below.

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