Hazardous Waste Disposal for Businesses

The Special Waste Collection Center can accept hazardous waste from businesses that generate less than 1,000 kg or 2,200 pounds of hazardous waste per month excluding universal waste such as e-waste, light bulbs, aerosols, fluorescent tubes, and latex paint.

It is each business owner’s responsibility to know the local, state, and federal regulations regarding the storage, disposal, and transportation of hazardous waste.

Examples including but not limited to: Total Generated Per Month by each Business Total Accepted Per Disposal Trip at the SWCC EPA ID Number Required?
Extremely Hazardous Waste perchloroethylene (used in dry cleaning) Less than 50 kg or 110 lbs Less than 50 kg or 110 lbs Yes
Hazardous Waste Oil Paints, Cleaners, Motor Oils, Pesticides, Herbicides Less than 1,000 kg or 2,200 lbs Less than 27 gallons or 220 lbs Yes
Universal Waste Electronic Devices, Batteries, Compact Fluorescent Lamps, TVs, Aerosol Cans Less than 5,000 kg or 11,000 lb Less than 5,000 kg or 11,000 lb No
Latex Paint Water-based, or Latex Paints Unlimited Less than 27 gallons or 220 lbs No

Local Enforcement Agencies require documentation that hazardous waste generated has been managed and disposed of properly.

Procedures for Disposing of Hazardous Waste

  1. Apply for an EPA ID Number, if needed

    Please see the chart above to determine whether you need an EPA ID Number.

    If needed, please apply for one here: Your EPA ID number.

  2. After receiving your EPA ID Number, fill out the Hazardous Waste Disposal Form for Businesses

    Instructions on completing the entire form including the inventory on page 2

  3. Submit the completed form by faxing or emailing it to the contact info located at the bottom of the form

  4. Our technicians will estimate the price

    Disposal Fees will vary depending upon the types of waste brought for recycling or disposal. Please refer to the current price list by material below. Our technicians will provide a price quote prior to your waste disposal appointment to ensure you are aware of the total disposal cost upfront. The Administrative Fee is waived for businesses located in Elk Grove.

    Payment options: all major credit cards, checks, and cash are accepted

    Price List / Fee Information

  5. We will call you to make an appointment

    How to package waste for safe transport:

    • Place the materials upright in your vehicle and brace them so they will not slip or tip over.
    • For safety, transport the materials in your vehicle's trunk or truck bed, away from the passenger compartment.
    • Materials must be packaged in sturdy, non-leaking containers no larger than 5 gallons.
    • If a container does not have its original label, label it if only you are sure of the contents.

    Note: if the gate is closed (before hours), please call (916) 627-3232 to gain access to the facility

  6. Tips for Reducing Hazardous Waste Generated

    • Train employees on proper hazardous materials management and waste reduction.
    • Keep work space clean and orderly to eliminate any leaks and spills.
    • Estimate and use only the amount of materials needed for a job.
    • Segregate wastes to allow for easier recycling.
    • Consider using products, components, equipment, etc. that contain or use less hazardous materials.
    • Use high-volume, low-pressure spray guns for painting operations.
    • Develop working relationships with single vendors to facilitate “deals” on bulk purchases and to return old, off specification products.
    • Keep aware of new technologies and regulatory requirements.
    • Work with other similar businesses to form a cooperative to reduce disposal costs and support development of non-proprietary treatment technologies.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much hazardous material can my business generate per month and still qualify?
    See table above
    May I transport hazardous materials?
    State law allows for the self-hauling of up to 27 gallons (220 pounds) of hazardous waste at one time. Bring waste in a non-leaking, preferably original, container(s). Each container should not exceed 5 gallons in volume or 50 pounds in weight. Additionally, be sure to transport all wastes away from the passenger area of your vehicle, to avoid potential health and safety risks.
    What is an EPA ID Number?
    State law requires hazardous waste generators to have an EPA identification Number. For more information about EPA ID numbers, click on the link or call CalEPA Department of Toxic Substance Control at 1-800-618-6942. You will need your ID number to schedule an appointment to use the drop-off wastes.
    Do I need an EPA ID Number?
    If bringing only paint (latex) or e-waste (examples), then you don’t need an EPA ID number. If bringing hazardous waste (examples) then possibly, please refer to the table above.
    Do I need a manifest for my hazardous waste?
    Possibly, refer to your Local Enforcement Agency or Certified Unified Program Agency (CUPA).

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