Frequently Asked Questions

How can I dispose of old or expired medications?

  1. Non-controlled (over-the-counter) substances: Elk Grove residents can visit the Special Waste Collection Center located at 9255 Disposal Lane, Elk Grove, to dispose of their old or expired over-the-counter medication. There is no fee for Sacramento County residents. The facility is open Sunday-Wednesday, 9 am to 4 pm.

  2. Controlled substances: Elk Grove residents can visit the lobby drug kiosk at the Elk Grove Police Department located at 8400 Laguna Palms Way, Elk Grove, Monday-Friday 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Closed all City Holidays. All medications are accepted here.

  3. Elk Grove residents can additionally visit the North Area Recovery Station located at 4450 Roseville Road, North Highlands, to dispose of their old or expired medications. There is no fee for Elk Grove residents. Call first for the days and hours they are open.

  4. Most pharmacies sell postage-paid, mail back boxes or envelopes. Simply place the unused or expired medications inside the packaging, seal it, and mail it.

  5. Once a year, typically in the spring or fall, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sponsors a National Drug Take Back day where local police jurisdictions collect medications for proper disposal (incineration). The Elk Grove PD has participated for the last 2 years. These events will likely continue until EPA funding stops. For more information about these events, watch for ads in the Citizen or event updates in the City’s newsletter.

How can I dispose of old household paint?

  1. All paint types are accepted at the Special Waste Collection Center located at 9255 Disposal Lane, Elk Grove. There is no fee for Sacramento County residents. The facility is open Sunday-Wednesday, 9 am to 4pm.
  2. All paint types can be disposed of at the Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Station at 8491 Fruitridge Road, Tuesday-Saturday from 8am to 5pm.
  3. You can find a participating Paint Care drop off site near you by visiting
  4. Disposal requirements: Maximum of 15 gallons of liquid; must present picture ID.

How can I report illegal dumping in my neighborhood?

To report illegal dumping, please contact Code Enforcement at (916) 687-3023.

My cart is broken (or missing). How do I get a replacement cart?

Contact Republic Services, your residential hauler, at (916) 635-2500.

When is my scheduled Neighborhood Clean-Up day?

Visit our home page and use the “Find Your Pickup Date” look-up tool.

NOTE: The City of Elk Grove will only display the month in which your Neighborhood Clean-Up will occur. If you would like to know the day* in which your scheduled pickup will occur and you are within a week of your scheduled month, call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500.

*There may be a one or two day collection delay depending on load factors. All materials must be out by 6am on the scheduled service day, but no sooner than 24 hours prior to your service day. For more information, visit our Neighborhood Cleanup page.

Do I need to present the physical Free Dump coupon to use my one free dump per year?

No. You can simply show proof of Elk Grove residency with either your Driver’s License or a copy of your utility bill.

How do I report a missed pickup?

Please call Republic Services at (916) 635-2500.

My property is being sold and my home is vacant. How do I stop service?

Service can only be stopped if you are no longer the owner of the property according to Sacramento County Records. If you are still an owner according to County Records and the home has been foreclosed on or is preparing to be short sold, you can apply for a Please call Republic Services at Service Interruption. If you are no longer the owner of the home according to County Records, call our Utility Billing Department at (916) 478-3642, and they can close your account.

Note: Homes for rent or for sale will not be approved for a Service Interruption.

I just moved to Elk Grove. How do I start new service?

Application for service must be made in person. However, you can print the service application from our website, complete it, and bring it with you along with your California Driver’s license. New accounts are required to pay a deposit of $100 or provide verification of credit. For more information, visit Applying for Service

What can I recycle?

Place the following items in your green recycle cart:
  • Paper: newspaper, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, egg cartons, milk/juice cartons/bottles, junk mail, phone books, office paper, shredded paper sealed in a paper bag, and cardboard boxes (broken down)
  • Glass: bottles and jars - all colors, lids removed, rinsed and empty
  • Plastic all beverage containers, bottles, jugs, tubs and containers, buckets, pales and crates, plant pots, and plastic bags. Rinse and empty all containers and remove lids

  • Metal: aluminum cans, tin and steel cans, clean aluminum pans and foil, empty aerosol cans, small scrap metal, pots, pans and utensils, and loose lids from jars

Who can I hire to haul away some trash from my home?

  1. Republic Services provides bulky waste pick-up, by appointment, at your curb for roughly $33 for a pile measuring 7’ x 6’ x 4’ (or 5 cubic yards). Call (916) 635-2500. to schedule a bulky waste pick-up.
  2. Clean-up companies may provide clean-up services at residential properties, but they must move the bulky waste to the curb for the service provided by Republic Services in ’11.a.’ above.
  3. Any one of the Registered Commercial Haulers may provide roll-off dumpster service at both residential and commercial properties. The list of Registered Commercial Haulers is posted on our website.

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