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Vacant Property and Rental Registries

In an effort to maintain property values and our quality of life here in Elk Grove, a new ordinance has been adopted that requires property owners to register vacant and rental properties with the City. With a rising number of absentee landlords and property owners and little ability to make easy contact with them, it is difficult to give owners the opportunity to correct violations that, if left uncorrected, can result in fees, fines, and further legal action.

The implementation of the approved ordinance will include classes that teach best practices for landlords, landlord-tenant law and Elk Grove’s local ordinance. The classes will be taught by City Staff and/or City-approved providers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Vacant Property and Rental Registry?

The registries are databases to compile property owner’s contact information. This information may include property management company information should the owner choose to have a company act as the property contact.

How much will it cost me?

The registries are expected to cost $10.00 for the initial registration. The vacant registration would need to be done annually and the rental registry would need to be done every three years. For the rental registry, property owners or managers have the option of taking education classes or attending a seminar (still to be set) that would make their registration perpetual (meaning that they would only need to re-register should the contact information change).

Will my property be inspected once I registered?

No inspection program is attached to either registry. Code violations would still be enforced as they are now by complaints received and annual "Spring Cleaning".

I am ready to register my vacant/rental property. Where can I do it?

Click the Apply Online buttons above.  Or you may download a mail-in form below to fill out and mail in with your registration fee to the address noted on the registration form. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at (916) 687-3023.

If a for sale sign is up or a contact sign is located on the window, do I still need to register the property?

Properties currently represented by a real estate agent, having a sign posted on the property with contact information for the agent are exempt from the requirements of the ordinance.

Mail-In Registration Forms:

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