Kammerer Road Urban Design Study

Employment trends are changing - employees and employers are seeking places where employees can live and work in proximity, in communities with a vibrant, urban character; multistory, mixed use buildings with retail, office, and residential integrated both horizontally and vertically.  Recent business site selection activities, such as the Amazon HQ2 project, highlight these trends.  Further, the impacts of COVID-19 are causing some employers to rethink where their employees work and create limits on the overall demand for office building square footage.

In 2014, the City approved the Southeast Policy Area (SEPA), a strategic plan that identified a large land area for a traditional, suburban employment center.  Development would occur in multistory, single use buildings that would be supported by large parking fields.  SEPA is located along the Kammerer Road Corridor and is adjacent to the Lent Ranch planning area (the Promenade Corridor where the Mall was to be located) and the South Study Area, where development would occur in the decades to come. 

Because of these changing trends, the City is taking a second look at the Kammerer Road corridor and considering a new vision.  Where could mixed use development occur and what would it look like?  How would development integrate with Kammerer Road and its role as a regional connector? 

Public Draft

The final strategy report consists of the following materials, dated January 2021.  These will be presented to the City Council and Planning Commission in early 2021 for review and direction on next steps.

Prior Public Workshops

The City has hosted a series of public workshops to discuss the project and solicit feedback from the public.  The first meeting, which focused on an introduction to the project and general discussion occurred in February 2020.  The second meeting was October 29, 2020, and reviewed concepts for the area.  The presentation from the meeting is available, as well as a recording (below).

October 29, 2020 Meeting

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Christopher Jordan, AICP
Director of Strategic Planning and Innovation

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