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OpenCounter is a customized guide to help applicants identify zoning details for a prospective business location, as well as outlining the permits and fees required to start a business in Elk Grove.

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July 22, 2019 Fee Update

Current Development Projects

Effective January 1, 2017 California Building Standards Codes Summary of Changes November 27, 2017
I-5 Corridor Fee Update

Effective April 15, 2019
New SEPA Cost Recovery, Drainage, and Parks and Trails Fee Update

July 1, 2019 Fee Update 

The Elk Grove Building Division handles a variety of services, including inspections, safety standards, and permits. Building works closely with Planning, Development Engineering, Public Works, Fire, Police, and Finance to offer you the best care and service. Your business is our top priority. The Division issues permits and performs plan checks and inspections for Building, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical permits. Our permit process helps ensure the safety of the general public and tenant occupants within the City. Feel free to browse through our website and see what Building services we have to offer.

Safety / Building Codes

Is your building up to code? Check out the 2016 Building Code for the latest on safety standards and structure requirements. Get informed on codes for the new Automated Building Inspection Request Line.


Permits are certificates of approval from City Hall to proceed forward with proposed projects. Permits may or may not be required for your project or tenant improvement. Call the Building Division today at (916) 478-2235 to hear more information.

To determine if your project is within the City of Elk Grove for permitting purposes, click on this map link and enter the location, you will see your “Jurisdiction” on the top left.  You can contact the Building Division at (916) 478-2235 for more information.

Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Do you own an Electric Vehicle, or are you considering buying one? Depending on your charging needs, building permits may be required. View the guide and checklist below. The guide provides information about Electric Vehicles and what supplemental infrastructure are needed in the household.

Online Inspection Scheduling

To schedule your inspection online, please use the links below. If you need assistance please call (916) 478-2235.

Current Updates and News

Electronic Plan Review - All New Production Home Master Plans

Saturday Inspections, Available By Appointment

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Important Notice Regarding the 2016 California Building Code

If you are an Architect, Engineer, Designer or Contractor that performs work within the State of California, please be advised that a new building code will takeeffect on January 1, 2017.

New 2016 California Building Standards

Special Notice: Water Conserving Fixtures

As of January 1, 2014, State Senate Bill 407 (SB 407) will require all building alterations or improvements to existing single family residential real property to replace all noncompliant plumbing fixtures as a condition to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy or final approval by the building department with the fixtures listed below.  In addition to this, on or before January 1, 2017, SB 407 will require all noncompliant plumbing fixtures in a single-family dwelling to be replaced with water-conserving plumbing fixtures whether or not they are making alterations or improvements to the building.

Furthermore, work related to renewable energy systems, such as solar photovoltaic installations and electric vehicle charging stations, is interpreted to not trigger plumbing fixture upgrades as it would conflict with the state’s goal of promoting and streamlining these systems. Voluntary accessibility upgrades are also interpreted to not trigger plumbing fixture upgrades.

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Dated: December 6, 2013

Permit Streamlining


The PASS  program has been designed to provide a more efficient and effective plan review process by implementing a clear and concise set of standards for document content and organization.   Implementation of this program requires only minor adjustments for both public and private sector in their internal processes. It is completely voluntary. Participants will attend a half day class; there will be annual updates and refresher training.

Permit Simplicity

Permit Simplicity allows businesses to obtain a permit for improvements to an existing building in a matter of days.  Under this program, plans prepared by a designated, pre-qualified professional architect or engineer will be reviewed by the City staff at the permit counter and a permit will be issued the next day.

The Permit Simplicity Program is optional and there is no additional processing cost associated with it.  
The program is limited to tenant improvements for retail, office and warehouse buildings and no food establishments or change in use applications will be considered as part of this process.  

Architects and engineers who wish to utilize the Permit Simplicity Program will need to obtain all other permits required by other agencies prior to final submittal to the Cities.  Other agency approvals typically include Fire, School Districts and Utilities.  The program may be expanded to other types of permits after the initial trial period.

Tenant Improvement Tuesdays (T.I. Tuesdays)

T. I. Tuesday is a program allowing a small business applicant to schedule an appointment on any Tuesday to meet one-on-one with Building, Planning and Fire Department plan review staff for the purpose of performing a plan review and initial approval for construction permit for proposed simple tenant improvements of a Business (B) or Mercantile (M) occupancy with a floor area of 5,000 square feet. 

Times will be scheduled in one hour increments from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm by calling (916) 478-2235.

A CSD Fire Department representative will now be located at the Development Services counter for Plan Review Intake & Fee Processing

The City of Elk Grove continues to develop and implement customer service improvements, for the Building permit process. The TI Tuesday permit program was designed to provide applicants with an “over the counter” permit process for Tenant Improvements in commercial buildings.

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New City Policy Supports Economic Development in Industrial Areas

In another move to improve customer service and support local businesses, the City of Elk Grove recently adopted a new policy topromote economic development in Elk Grove’s industrial areas.

The new City policy was recently adopted to expedite the permitting process and reduce fees for businesses moving into ElkGrove’s industrial spaces within in the city limits.  Under the new policy, businesses moving into existing industrial spaces will nolonger have to obtain a new building permit, as long as the previous owner had the required permits for the space and no additionalconstruction work is required.  The policy also allows for a Certificate of Occupancy to be transferred to similar businesses inindustrial areas on spaces less than 3,000 square feet. The new policy will reduce fees and ensure an efficient transition into a new space.

In all cases, a transfer of business licenses can take place in just one day. In some cases, a transfer of Certificate of Occupancy can take place in just one day. Local businesses are encouraged to take advantage of the City Building Department’s “Tenant Improvement Tuesdays” , “PASS”, and “Permit Simplicity” permit streamlining programs. For more information contact Sarah Sandoval at or (916) 478-2235.

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