About Us

The staff of Elk Grove Animal Services provides exceptional service to our four-legged community members and their owners. We are responsible to ensure all animals are treated humanely and with compassion. Our officers in the field respond to loose, sick, stray, injured, or abandoned animals within the city limits of Elk Grove. Our clerical staff provides stellar customer service in their daily interactions with citizens answering questions related to licensing, public nuisances, trapping of animals, wildlife concerns, and providing resource information.

Group of animals All members of our staff are committed to reduce the number of unwanted animals, find all ways possible to reunite all lost or misplaced pets with their families, and ensure positive outcomes for all animals within our care through adoptions, rescue, or foster programs. 

Mission Statement

Elk Grove Animal Service's mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, the reduction of animal overpopulation, the safety of our citizens and animals and to prevent the spread of infection of rabies. We strive for the humane treatment of animals through education, intervention and investigation, as well as the enforcement of state laws and city ordinances.  We are committed to providing courteous and quality service to the residents of Elk Grove and to respond to the changing needs of our community.

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