Mayor's Volunteer Awards

mayor volunteer awards

Agendas & Minutes2014 Mayor’s Volunteer Award Recipients

View video of presentation during the Elk Grove City Council meeting (Click on Agenda Item 4.1 Presentations/Announcements) 

Residents, Neighborhoods and Community Groups

Winner: Ruby Parsley

Winner: Ruby Parsley

Social and Community Service Award

The Selection Committee had a difficult time selecting only one winner, so the Committee is honoring two winners this year for Social and Community Services. They broke it down into an individual category and a family category.

Individual Category Winner: Kirtland Stout

Individual Category Winner: Kirtland Stout

Family Category Winner: David & Ginger Simpson

David and Ginger were unable to make it to the Council meeting to receive their award.

Arts, Culture and Heritage

Winner: Jim Entrican

Winner: Jim Entrican

Sport and Recreation

Winner: Josh Jordan

Winner: Josh Jordan

Service Organizations and Groups

This is a new category this year. Last year’s Selection Committee decided to make a new classification for all of the Service Organizations and Groups, thus eliminating individuals competing with large groups.

Winner: The Elk Grove Community Garden and Learning Center

Winner: The Elk Grove Community Garden and Learning Center

(Volunteer Board Members: David Wilcox, Paul Pane, Don Armstrong, Judy Ludlow, Lisa Williams, and Richard Peter (Brenda Walker, Dale Miller, and Mary Ellen Trapp were unable to make the meeting)

Young Volunteer of the Year

Winner: Emiko Inouye

Winner: Emiko Inouye

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