Business License

Starting a Business

What is required to have a Business License for a commercial location?

Licenses are issued to businesses with a physical location within the City limits . The fee for a General Business License is $12 for a two year license. The license is non-transferable. Any change in the information provided may invalidate the business license and requires a new application.  Business licenses issued by the City of Elk Grove are for tracking and publication purposes only.  Applicants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws and regulations in conducting business in the City of Elk Grove.

While a number of businesses only require a General License, others may be required to have a Special License as well. To see a list of types of businesses that are required to have a special business license, click here.


The first step is to make sure you meet zoning requirements and restrictions to insure your business meets Zoning Code requirements. Certain areas of the City are zoned for Commercial and Industrial Uses. Additional requirements for the operations of businesses are also included in the Zoning Code. You will need to verify that the zoning classification of your proposed location allows the kind of business you plan to operate. Planning can be reached at 916-478-2265.

Use Permit

Some commercial businesses must also obtain a Use Permit to operate in the City. This is done to review and control the operations of businesses which might have a detrimental impact on other nearby businesses or residents.

Before signing any leases or moving in, check with the City’s Planning Department to verify correct Zoning and if a Use Permit is needed.

Sign Permits

All new signs require a Sign Permit. For additional information on signage requirements contact the Planning staff at 916-478-2265.

New Construction or Change in Occupancy

Construction of a new building or alterations to an existing building will require approval by the Building and Safety staff. Once your project has been approved, you need to contact the Building and Safety division to make sure your proposed project meets current building code and fire safety requirements and may require review by the Fire Chief before you can occupy your new or improved space and open for business. For additional information contact Building and Safety staff at 916-478-2235.