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Lost Elk Grove Animals Have a New Home

Sacramento SPCA

Sacramento SPCA extends free
spay/neuter service to residents of Elk Grove

In recent weeks, the Sacramento SPCA has worked closely with PetSmart Charities to extend its free spay/neuter program for pit bulls and pit bull mixes to select residents of Elk Grove. The effort is an extension of a program funded by PetSmart Charities and previously offered only within select Rancho Cordova zip codes. (Requires pdf reader continue.)

Additonal Information: Free Spay/Neuter for Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova Pit Bulls

Sacramento Area Animal Coalition

The City of Elk Grove in partnership with Sacramento Area Animal Coalition is offering spay and neuter pet vouchers for low income residents of Elk Grove. For further information regarding this program please go to

Free Trap-Neuter-Return Program
A proven approach to managing feral and community cats
in Elk Grove ONLY

Cat playing with flower.Through a two-year grant-funded program acquired by the City of Elk Grove, the Sacramento SPCA and the Elk Grove Police Department Animal Control Unit have partnered together in a proven approach to address the issue of unaltered feral and community cats within the City of Elk Grove.  The program is known as Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). Eligible cats may be feral or tame strays.  Through this program, when a trapped feral or community cat is brought to the Sacramento SPCA:

  • The cat is spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and “ear tipped” (Ear-tipping is the removal of the tip of a cat’s left ear. Ear-tipping is the preferred method to identify spayed or neutered feral cats because it is difficult to get close to feral cats, therefore the identification must be visible from a distance).

  • After surgery and recovery, eligible cats are returned to their neighborhood or to their colony.

If you are interested in actively participating in this free TNR program for cats trapped in Elk Grove, please call Elk Grove Animal Control at (916) 687-3042 or visit the free Trap-Neuter-Return Program Application webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is a feral cat and what is a community cat?

A feral cat is any cat that is too poorly socialized to be handled and cannot be placed into a typical home. Most feral cats live in groups known as colonies near homes or businesses where people feed them.  A community cat is a free-roaming (stray) cat living in a neighborhood that does not necessarily have a known caregiver. These cats may be feral or tame.

Why shouldn't’ I just trap and remove the cats from an area?

Simply trapping and removing cats rarely works to reduce a feral cat colony population. Feral cats live in a certain location because they have found the food and shelter they need. If feral cats are removed from an area, cats from surrounding colonies move in to take advantage of the newly available resources and start the cycle of reproducing and nuisance behavior all over again. The remaining cats in a colony tend to have more kittens that survive to adulthood because of the reduced
competition, and the population rapidly regains its former size, or may actually increase.

Where can I take trapped feral cats for spay/neuter?

The Sacramento SPCA holds Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Clinics (first-fourth Sundays each month). These clinics are specifically for feral and free-roaming cats that have been trapped the day before the clinic, and are not intended for pet cats. This TNR program is free for cats trapped in Elk Grove.  To reserve one or more spots, email us at or leave a message at (916) 504-2818.



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